Core Post bank software to be launched: post bank official

Tehran, May 19. MOBNA – Core Post bank software is being installed and launched, post bank managing board member said.

“This software will be installed and launched in all villages gradually. Prioritizing villages to install this software depends to infrastructure facilities and upgrading rural ICT (information and communication technology) offices computers,” Mahmoud Haratiyan-nejad told Irans mobile news agency (MOBNA).
“Equipping infrastructure facilities is Telecommunication duty and post bank is obliged to install this software,” he added.
“In Fourth Development Plan (2005-2010) telecommunication ministry has been obliged to create 10,000 rural ICT offices countrywide. Currently 8,000 offices have been activated. In current situation post bank can install this software in all ICT offices,” he said.
“Post bank can support 20,000 offices in first phase to install rural Core Post bank software,” he continued.
If ICT offices are expanded countrywide this software can be installed and launched. Rural post bank software has been designed on the base of Core Banking software.