No village without telecommunication in Isfahan Province

Tehran, May 17. MOBNA – All villages in the Isfahan Province are now under some sort of telecommunication network coverage.

“According to an Internal Ministry definition, communities with population of fewer than 100 and over 20 households are defined as village, and there are 884 of them in the province,” Fazel Zamani, managing director of Isfahan Province Telecom Comoany has announced.
He said with the completion of the third phase of rural GSM all locations in the province are now under mobile phone coverage.
He said the country’s landline phone penetration rate is 34 percent but in Isfahan Province cities it is 40 percent and in villages it is as high as 31.05 percent.
“By the end of the Fourth Economic Development Plan, 457 rural ICT offices were to have been installed in the province but that has already been achieved a year earlier,” he said.