Zain winning third mobile phone operator project is not certain

Tehran, May 16. MOBNA – Radio Communication and Regulations Organization negotiation has not announced Kuwaiti Zain as Iran third operator for certain, a Zain-Iran consortium official said.

“RCRO negotiations with Kuwaiti operator Zain is in initial stage,” the official who wanted to be unknown said.
“Proposed price for this project and its payment have not been determined yet,” he said.
“Telecommunication ministry has dismissed Etisalat officially from third operator project and has entered negotiation with tender second winner Zain-Iran consortium,” he said.
ICT Sadaf Zakhire Company (a communication and information technology company) which belongs to the retired teachers and retired Iranian radio and television fund is Iranian partner of Zain-Iran consortium.
By announcing the dismissing of Tamin-Etisalat consortium due to not fulfilling its financial commitments, it seems that according to tender documents Zain Kuwait will be Iran third operator.
Telecommunication minister had announced dismissing Etisalat from third operator project because is did not perform its commitments.
The operator was selected as third operator winner on 12 January 2009.
Tamin-Etisalat consortium compromises of Iranian company Tamin Telecom affiliated to Social Security investment company and Emirates operator Etisalat which was selected as Iran third mobile phone operator tender winner on 12 January 2009.
It was planned the operator to pay 160,000 trillion rials to government during 15 years and to attract 17 million subscribers.